Hanover Medical School 29th March 2004


The EuroTARN Group held it’s 2nd meeting at the Hanover Medical School upon 29th March.The meeting was certainly a productive one and a great deal was discussed and achieved. It was also very well attended by a wide representation of European members, including members of the German, Portuguese and Netherlands Trauma Registries and Martin Rusnak Executive Director of the International Neurotrauma Research Organisation.

We are all very grateful to Professor Hans-Christophe Pape and would like to thank him for allowing us to hold the meeting at the medical school and would also like to thank all EuroTARN Members who took the time to come to the meeting and for their valued contribution and support.

What we achieved at the Meeting
The meeting provided everyone with the opportunity to finalise some of the outstanding core data points from the last round of the Delphi and this document is now attached to the email.

After finalising the dataset we then re-capped upon the initial aims of the project and discussed the future of EuroTARN. It was agreed that to fully expand the project so that all countries can submit data based upon the new dataset we would certainly require funding to develop this European study.

As a step forward in obtaining funding, it was suggested that if we begin by collecting a summary of data from each participant, it would allow us to make an initial assessment of trauma care across Europe and thus strengthen our bid for funding.

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